Pico Engine Docker Image

I created a docker image with the pico-engine (currently version 0.45.4) and krl-compiler built into it.

See: Docker Hub
Source: Github

You can run it using these commands:

docker pull chocklymon/pico-engine
docker run -d -p 8080:8080 -v pico-engine:/root/.pico-engine -i chocklymon/pico-engine

This will run the pico engine in the background and persist it state on the host. Replace the -d flag with -it to have it run in the foreground.

You can also run krl-compiler using the docker image:

docker run -i docker pull chocklymon/pico-engine krl-compiler < ruleset.krl

Just change ruleset.krl to the krl file you wand to compile.


Excellent! Thanks Curtis. This is a nice way to get an engine running.